A social network on the command line

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Socialize is a minimalistic social network, running on the command line. The project was supported on kickstarter, where we raised over 1'500$ from nearly 60 supporters all over the world.

Many developers prefer vi/vim over many high-tech IDEs, so we thought Why wouldn't they prefer socialize over other "high-tech" social networks.

Socialize is a place for developers, nerds and CLI lovers. Help to make socialize a friendly and fun place by reporting troublemakers.

You can find the API Documentation here.

You can create your own client using this API. It's also a good way to learn a new programming language (e.g. by creating a socialize mobile app..).

Send us an email with your client idea at We will list it on the left hand side. (If it's usable)

You can subscribe to our mailing list here.

Some news

- [2016-09-16] Client v1 is out. - Check out the official Socialize client now! Link to github

- [2016-07-29] API v1 is out. - The first version of the API is released and covered with UnitTests. Please note that it's still in Beta as long as the official client isn't out

- [2016-07-10] Updated API - The development of the API has begun. It is now possible to authenticate, see users, post statuses and make shoutouts. Stay tuned for more.

- [2016-06-26] Website online! - Hello there! As you can see, our website is finally online. Exciting.